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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) includes the evaluation and treatment of clients who have difficulties with handwriting, fine motor skills and sensory processing. OT also assess those difficulties related to injury rehabilitation and stroke. Our licensed and accredited therapists also provide support for adults experiencing any cognitive and/or physical changes that may come with age. 


The following will be evaluated when difficulties with handwriting are present: visual motor integration, hand dominance, functional pencil grasp, muscle tone/strength, visual perception and possible sensory processing difficulties. 

Fine Motor Skills


Fine motor skills involve general strength and muscular tone to complete daily activities. Some of the essential tasks that can be affected include: scissor skills, shoe tying, coloring/handwriting, zipping/snapping/buttoning clothes. Other common tasks associated with difficulties regarding fine motor skills are bilateral hand coordination, wrist extension, gross grasp strength, pincer grasp and open thumb web space. 

Sensory Processing

A sensory processing disorder may be present if a child appears anxious, distracted, overwhelmed, sensitive to noises/light or experiences difficulties with certain textures (i.e., sand, sticky/slimy substances, clothing tags). OT can help the child feel comfortable and secure, as well as help maintaining focus. Some successful techniques include brushing, use of sensory equipment and incorporating a sensory diet. 

Injury Rehabilitation/Stroke

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After an injury or stroke, people can be faced with upper extremity difficulties. Some specific concerns are muscle strains/tears, fractures, amputations, arthritis, ligament instability, hemiparesis and neuromuscular pathologies. OT can recommend and utilize orthoses and adaptive equipment to promote increased independence with activities of daily living for post-surgical or post-injury circumstances, as well as utilizing ergonomic principles. 

**Each new patient will be given an extensive evaluation.  Our clinicians will assess and develop tailored treatment plans to best suit the individual needs of our clients.  In some cases, a multi discipline collaboration between our clinicians may be necessary to formulate the best treatment plan.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office and one of our clinicians will be glad to answer your questions.

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