"I worked with Kathy for many years with our local Early Intervention program and I would highly recommend her to any family in need of Speech Therapy services. I personally learned so much from her comprehensive knowledge of speech/language problems and treatments and I consistently recommended her to the families for which I was the Case Manager. Kathy has an amazingly caring and professional demeanor with her clients and their families and she is always willing to hear their concerns and seek out answers to their questions. Kathy was an asset to any team in which she participated and she was approachable and friendly not only to Early Intervention staff but also to any family in need of her help. I have greatly missed working with Kathy since I transitioned to a new job but I feel fortunate that we were able to collaborate on so many clients in our years working together."

- Lemaster

"Heather Gotthelf was my son's speech pathologist for years. In that time, Heather worked her magic on my son who has autism and had significant language delay and social reciprocity issues. Heather helped my son make huge strides through her creative and unique activities. Her ability to incorporate real life scenarios into  her action plans always yielded great success. In addition to her creative approach and her individualization, tailoring her lessons to each client, Heather cares. She has a full heart and her enthusiasm for her work and the success of her clients is evident in all she does! She will always be our favorite Speech Pathologist who made the greatest impact on our son!"

- Spennato

"Jesse ("Jellybean") was absolutely wonderful working with our son! When we started OT, our son had difficulty with many every day activities. We started noticing a huge difference after just a few weeks! He continued to improve and gain confidence with every visit. Jellybean not only helped him, but she helped our whole family. She always explained different ways we could continue our efforts at home. We are so thankful for our time with her!"

- Tucker

"I had the pleasure of working with Allie during her final internship placement prior to receiving her degree in Speech and Language Pathology. Allie supported the needs of a high caseload of students in my Kindergarten through fourth grade elementary school as well as my Kindergarten through eighth grade regional program for emotionally impaired students. Allie developed great relationships with the students - always demonstrating a caring and compassionate demeanor.  She was flexible with the challenging schedule and effectively met the speech and language needs of the students in a professional and competent manner.  Allie came to her final placement with an excellent knowledge base and was excited to begin her career as a Speech and Language Pathologist.  I would highly recommend her to any family needing speech and language services.  Allie has been missed not only by me, but by all of the students whose lives she impacted."  

- Kerr

"When my son was a toddler in speech therapy, he loved Kathy! He began with Early Intervention and once he aged out of the program, he continued on with private lessons with Kathy. The work that she completed with my son was so fun that he didn't even realize he was in therapy! She makes the student as well as the parent feel completely at ease, and understands the struggles that they experience as a family with a speech delayed child. We loved having her as our therapist! Kathy was amazing with our son! He went from barely speaking to using full sentences in a matter of a few years, which was amazing! He is now 10 and completely on grade-level, and we owe so much of that to Kathy and those early years of speech therapy."

- Gilliland

"I am honored to write about my experience with Traci!   My son began speech therapy with her about three years ago.  He genuinely looked forward to seeing her weekly, and she was able to connect with him in such a special way!  I remember him giving her high-fives, which is not something that he would do with others.  Traci is a professional, caring, genuine, patient, and reliable therapist.    

She used a variety of speech techniques, and included rewards for positive reinforcement.  She was creative using different tools, which were all age-appropriate, to keep his attention.  She challenged him and tailored each session to his unique situation.  After each session, she sat with me, explaining her focus for the hour, what he excelled in, and what he needed to work on more.  Lastly, she would give me a task to help reinforce what he worked on during therapy that week. 

It was also helpful to see the assessment she took on him at the beginning of her time with him, and comparing it to her final evaluation. I also appreciated that she was not so quick to diagnose him with a specific disorder.  Having been told by another therapist that he probably had a specific speech disorder before, it was a relief knowing that his speech delay could stem from simple causes.  

Fast forward to now, and my son is six and a half years old.  He communicates very well with no speech impediments, reads, writes, and does very well in school!  I believe that Traci truly had a part in helping him to get to where he is now, as she laid such an important foundation for him verbally.       

We are so very thankful that we were able to have her work with him.  She is a treasure, and your company is blessed to have her on your team."

- Lanier

"We had the privilege of having Jesse as our Occupational Therapist before moving out of state. She worked with our three year old son with many sensory issues for six months. The differences we saw in him were phenomenal! Not only did Jesse work with him, but she also took just a few minutes each session to give us tips and strategies to work on at home, because that is the ultimate goal for our family. She is so warm and open and we love her! She truly cares about the work she does and the patients she treats!"

- Dunn

"It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Heather Gotthelf for speech & nutrition therapy with children.

My son was recommended to her services by his ENT. She was so helpful in addressing the difficulties that my son had with comprehending the 7 basics of communication. Without services that Heather provides, this could easily have been overlooked (we are grateful it was not). After tubes were in place & it was established that he could finally hear properly, we had the task of correcting his speech & cognitive issues that were delayed for several years.  

We thoroughly enjoyed our time working with Heather and came to know her as a true friend. She was honest, dependable, and passionate to help my son.  Her knowledge of children’s behavior & the complex expertise in sensory issues was a huge advantage to our family. Each session, she put her skill-set to work in order to help him (& succeeded).  Along with her undeniable talent, Heather has always been an absolute joy to work with. She always managed to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of our weekly sessions.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Heather to assist your child with speech & nutrition therapy. As a dedicated and knowledgeable therapist and an all-around genuine person."

- Howard

"Jesse worked with my son about 1-2 years ago. He was still acting wildly, and not wanting to cooperate and follow directions. The last therapist got him to start working with her but you could hear him being loud from the lobby. She gave us great advice and slowly but surely got him to trust her and corporate with her. Pretty soon we didn’t hear him from the lobby. A year later he would come into therapy and sit and wait on her instead of running around and turning the lights on and off. If we could still see her we would. She also started working with my youngest who was delayed since he had a lot of health issues. She was able to build his trust and he was willing to corporate more than my other son but she got him on a great path to achieving his goals. Jesse is so special to us and we were terribly upset when she left. She meant the world to us. My son walks around saying he loves Jesse and this is big coming from a non verbal child. Jesse will treat your children like her own and build life long relationships with her. She is amazing at what she does and will be a true asset. We are hoping to get her back soon if My son has his way. She is beyond awesome!"