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"Since starting feeding therapy with Andrea at TLC, we have seen a difference in our son actually enjoying his therapy! Andrea challenges our 3 year old and helps make meal times less intimidating and more fun for him. She is always encouraging to him and us as parents. Andrea is knowledgeable and is always looking for new ways to help us with our feeding issues. We are happy to be a part of TLC!"

~ Carter

"Andrea went above and beyond from the very beginning with our son. When he started with her he was saying 3, maybe 4, words. Within weeks he was saying more. He loved going to speech. He would get so excited when we would pull into the parking lot. He still asks about Andrea! We are so thankful for all her hard work and the difference she made for him!"


"I absolutely love Ms. Savannah at Auburn TLC. My son began receiving speech services shortly after turning 2. He was completely nonverbal due to a speech delay and not using gestures. He was also very scattered with his play, never staying focused on one activity for long. Before she began working with him, life at home was very difficult. He could not express himself or his needs without having a complete meltdown. We're just a short time in, but only one month of going twice a week, he is making more sounds and beginning to put simple words together, he is pointing at what he wants, letting me know he needs help and he is waving bye. His focus has even developed. He will now sit and play with toys and puzzles and remain on one task for much longer periods of time. He's an entirely different child now and it's so exciting to see what each visit with her teaches him. He loves the time spent with her, as well. While we're waiting for our appointment, he is constantly looking for her. When the door finally opens and his little eyes spot her from across the room, he takes off running towards her. We are just so thankful to have her in our lives."

~ Butler

"Katie has been such a blessing in our life!! She is the kindest and most patient soul. Our son has grown so much and made so much progress with Katie! She’s the best!" 

~ Dickson

"We have only been at Auburn TLC for a few months, but we have already seen a lot of progress and growth in our daughter’s speech. Our daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate. She has been receiving speech therapy services for almost 2 years now. When we moved to Auburn TLC in August, she fell in love with Laney and immediately opened up to her. She is amazing with our daughter! We are so thankful for Laney and the staff at Auburn TLC!"

~ Jones

"Abigail is the sweetest and my son enjoys going to speech therapy with her. Before receiving therapy with Abigail, my son was unmotivated to read and felt he couldn’t do it, which lead him to break down when he tried. Abigail has put so much faith in him and he has come a long way these past couple months. He has more confidence when reading and seems to enjoy it more. Abigail provides us with the updates on each therapy visit and gives me recommendations on what to work with him at home. We are fortunate to have Abigail as his speech therapist!" 

~ Ingram

"Ms. Claudia has been amazing with my sons. From the very beginning, she was very nice and comforting. My boys had never been to daycare so they were both scared at first to be left alone with someone but Ms. Claudia made sure they felt comfortable and knew they were safe. She always gives me all the details, big or small, on how they are progressing each visit. She is there to answer all of my questions and also gives me tips to better their speech. I was skeptical at first about how 30 minutes a week could help their speech but I have seen a huge difference since they started. I really appreciate that she makes speech fun for them with toys and games. We love Ms. Claudia and are so thankful for her!"

~ James

"We have been attending Auburn TLC for over a year now. I love the experience we have with Katie and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have watched how much my son has grown with her. The minute we started coming to TLC, he bonded with Katie.  She does her job very well. I cannot see my son seeing anyone else other than her. He looks forward to therapy with Katie. I’m the type of parent who studies the influence others have in my son's learning abilities, and I can honestly say I am pleased with her work."  

~ Moore

"We are so grateful for Andrea! She has really help my daughter grow and overcome some of her obstacles. All of her helpful tips get me through hard times with my daughter. I love how kind, gentle, and sweet Andrea has been to us. She's always willing to try things that fit the needs of my child. She has been so patient with my daughter. We are so thankful for all the helping hands at TLC!" 

~ Cooks

"When Connor first began speech therapy over a year ago, I never thought he would be speaking full sentences and holding conversations by now. Laney has done wonders with him and always listens to any questions or concerns that I ask about at the end of his weekly session. We are so very thankful for all of the staff at Auburn TLC."

~ Carrell

"We started speech therapy in July, and my daughter absolutely loves Ms. Claudia! She sees her coming down the hall or in the office and gets so excited! She’s come such a long way in just a few months and I can’t wait to see how she progresses. Claudia does amazing with Mallory Kate!"

~ Ashe

"In the short while that Will has been seeing Abigail, he has made huge progress. He has grown from pointing and babbling to forming sentences and refined his fine motor skills. Abigail and the staff at TLC have been so great in accommodating us and our hectic schedules during my cancer treatments. They have been so encouraging!"


"My family and I absolutely love Savannah. She has been a God send and has been amazing at providing speech therapy to our son. She is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and is genuinely concerned. Any questions we have regarding our son's speech delay, she has been able to help us by providing ways to communicate with him in order to help him with speech development. What I've gained from her is that she actually wants to help and not because she's paid to do so. She's very passionate about what she does. Our son runs to her with excitement and joy. As a parent, that lets me know he's safe and he feels secure. She doesn't see him as another number. We are grateful for Savannah and all that she does to ensure our son is being provided with outstanding speech therapy."

~ Smith

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